Sunday, April 10


Hello Lovely People!

I wanted to start the week the right way, full of energy and with something special. This is why i'm having my first
Guest Post ever on TFI today with a great collabo by Nayith Diaz, who is the master head behind CRC Moda, a great online fashion magazine from Costa Rica.

I was first introduced to Nayith just 3 months ago, in January while a was having my summer break in my hometown. He wrote to me telling me how much he liked TFI and all of a sudden, we ended up being like best fashion-buddies via internet.

Our early friendship has been full of support between each other and this is why i want to present u this great guy who always flatters and inspires me in the most unbelievable ways everyday reading his articles on his magazine or even with his tweets...

I first was amazed by the many things that happen with fashion, more specifically what fashion can do with you, by watching Valentino: The Last Emperor, I had again the possibility to connect with my now recently discovered fashion feelings. Which are the most hard-to-find feelings inside us, that’s mainly because when the passion we have for fashion goes beyond the branding effect, it means we have found a sweet and warm place to stay.

When the beautiful culture-mixed Caro asked me for a post, I thought it would take me days to gather something great enough for TFI, which is one of my addictions. So basically what I know is the possibility of expanding ourselves thru fashion it goes beyond the clothes, the money and the fame. Feeling fashion in our hearts is a different thing, for me at least, every single piece of cloth on my wardrobe has a story to tell, but also the not-so-great ones are capable to tell me don’t go that way, that’s not you.

I have considered myself an avid reader of everything that includes the F-word, yes! FASHION, but also I have realized how important is to have an external and self-argument about why you love certain designer, certain house, why you detest the commercial parts of a house, and if you also have had the connection with a piece of clothing.

You may find in my closet not only jeans and shirts, also you will find books, dvd’s, cd’s, ipod’s, magazines, sheets, pencils, scissors and those little details that compose a full fashion wardrobe (for me at least). Fashion is a complete life style, you feel it, you own it, and you share it! And that’s why I’m yet so flattered from the invitation I got to be here.

So pepol, don’t worry if you don’t actually own a Gucci bag or may be a Louis Vuitton bag, fashion is understanding everything that surround us and putting it together with that allure and style that only our heart can provide us.

I’ll Share with you what is Inspiring me right now!

Anna Wintour by Mario Testino for The Wall Street Journal

Strass Daffodil by Christhian Louboutin

Valentino: The Last Emperor


  1. I like your style and blog. I'm following it!
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  2. nice post :)