Friday, April 8


Did u guys already watch Sucker Punch!?

I did last week and i have to say that im still a little confused about what to think about it. Well, since this blog is not about movies (and because im no expert) im not going to discuss or analize if it was a good movie or not.

I've been reading the reviews of this movie and it says it is kind of a criticism for the sexual violence, the mistreatment and objectification of women. Totally true, i got it!

But i need to say that it was a total "sucker punch" to my expectations and my devotion for Zack Snyder. I left the movie theater with a bittersweet feeling trying to define "what was he thinking about??". I mean nothing related about his critic, 'cause i truly share it, but... it was a real freaking crazy movie! :0

Good things in this movie? Definitely the costume design and the music!. It was totally amazing and i spent every single minute enjoying it!

The wardrobe was designed by Michael Wilkinson , the same from
300, Tron Legacy and Breaking Dawn. I personally loved everything that characters wore on the "second reality", specially the menswear. Music was pretty cool too, as all Zach Snyder's movies! loved the remixes/mash-ups/covers from Eurythmics, Beatles, Queen, Roxy Music and Bjork songs.

Another cool thing... John Hamm's appearance! (Gosh! im truly madly deeply in love with this guy! he's incredibly handsome!)

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