Sunday, April 17


Oh Sailor!
Mirte Maas by Andrea Sjodin
Vogue Japan April 2011

Im soo sorry i practicly abandoned TFI this week! School projects are getting bigger and bigger... and beside i got a terrible cold! Those u get at the beggining of Autumn, which are like torture! so i spent almost the whole week with fever and sneezing!

Tomorrow starts the Easter Holidays, but here in Argentina we don't have the whole week to rest, only Thursday and Friday. So, when most of u are enjoying your precious spring break i'll be waking up at 7am to get to college and have classes while i dream of being in my hometown having the complete easter holidays in the beach!

Well... enough of that! I fell in love of this editorial. I'm a true lover of the whole nautical aesthetic so the moment when i first saw this i knew i had to share it here! If i were on vacations now... this is how i'd love to be dressed... yeah, even with those wedgy shoes!

Are you guys planning something for Spring Break?

PS- the title of this editorial reminded me of a song and video i've always loved. It is O'sailor from Fiona Apple and directed by Flora Sigimondi
. Enjoy it! :)


  1. get well soon! i really, really like those new platforms by Prada. so cute :)

  2. i love this editorial!!! the nautical trend is one of my favorites :)

  3. I love Fiona Apple! I have all her CDs but somehow I never saw that video. Thanks for sharing! It's gorgeous! It looks like a fashion editorial that came to life!
    - Marie