Monday, April 18


Asos HEIST bow platform high sandals

I need this beauties on my feet with my nails painted in acqua polish!

As some of u may know, as i wrote in previous posts i have this weird love/hate feeling with the red+pink color combination thanks to my mother who told me since i was a little girl that i should never used them together.
A few months ago i start changing my mind and watch this with different eyes. I suddenly have an obsession with red+pink and i still don't know if it is because it actually looks awesome or is it because somehow i became a rebellious daughter and i'd love to see my mother's face hahaha...
Let's wait until tomorrow and i'll let u know what she thought. Maybe i'll get to make her change her mind!

BTW... Happy Easter Holidays!

Lots of Love

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  1. lol! i remember that post. i love the combination too but im sure if i can pull it off :)