Friday, April 29


1. O.P.I. in Need Sunglasses, 2. Essie in Funky Limelight, 3. Urban Outfitters POP in yellow, 4. Uslu Airlines in C.A.B., 5. Illamasqua, 6. American Apparel in Neon Yellow.

Im going through a yellow obsession these days and i've been looking like crazy a cool yellow (neon or not)nail polish over here but somehow it seems like it's impossible to find one!

btw... did u guys watched the Royal Wedding? I'm a little bit brokenhearted, i grew up loving Prince William, he actually was like my Prince Charming and now he got married!
No hard feelings for Kate at all, she's gorgeous and so was her wedding dress! hehe :)

Lots of Love! Enjoy the weekend!:D

(the polka dot dress pic, taken from Yara's blog)


  1. love yellow! was a able to buy me bright yellow polish that was soo cheap about $.70 :)

  2. yellow nails are great!!! time to put mine back in rotation:)

  3. been reading a lot of nail polish craves around. want to have something yellow too. got tired of the orange :D

    wasn't able to watch the big wedding but been seeing a lot of blog entries about it :)